During the past 12 years, relying on an efficient management team, Wayley Toys Company has experienced sustained growth and development. Company Structure
To provide you with the best management quality, Wayley Company has been awarded with ISO-9001、CCC、Disney Certificates, and this leads us always to be the Pioneer of Toy and Plastic Manufacturer in China.



Managing Director - Mr. Steven Leung
Born in Hong Kong in 1946, Mr. Leung was one of the first leaders to come to mainland of China operating business since the reform and opening policy was taken in 1978. He has successively accompanied and witnessed three large-sized manufacturers' growth, and has accumulated plenty of experience in management. Since its' incorporation in 1995, Wayley Toys Company has expanded to a bigger one covering 20,000 square meters and with over 1000 workers, comparing with its 180 workers at the beginning .This excellence was achieved in the direction of Mr. Leung , who focused the attention and expertise to product quality.


Operation Director - Mr Yu Lin Man
Mr.Yu lin Man,Michael,a professional production director who has over 10 years' experience in toys manufacturing,manages the production process and sets quality at the highest priority.He is especially expert at spray mask-making,and Wayley Toys Company is famous for its high quality spray mask and painting in his drection.




Sales and Marketing Team
This is a creative team comprised of professional sales & marketing members who are devoted to source partners on mutual benefits and offer excellent services to all our customers in Japan , United States and other European countries.



Injection Team
Equipped with injection machine in various types of 18 sets, and supported by pelletizer, super mixer, agent oven, water chiller and others more than 24 sets of peripheral facilities , the team of 120 workers is able to manufacture high quality plastic injection products. We pay highly attention to the stability of injection color and reject any shrinkage and deformation products.


Spray Mask Team

Our spray mask production professionals with over 20 years' experience are ready to produce the most difficult mask to give the highest painting quality for our customers.


Painting Team
The painting team is divided into 2 shops, totally over 350 workers. When spraying paint to the surface of mold with sprayer, special attention is paid to the working environment to assure the health of our workers as well as the quality of paint. We not only care about the outcome, but also the process, material, safety standard and the health of our user.


Assembly Team
As assembling is the final and complicated process which needs to ensure each of the shaped pieces parts are assembled together correctly, we employ only skillful and trained workers. Now we have over 280 workers in this line, being monitored by experienced manager and checked by quality controller with high integrity.



Quality Control Team
Products quality is built into every stage of the production process. The 25 quality control inspectors in this team respecting our company as an individual party and approval authority, is capable to take the role of our customers during inspection. A quality circle is built up when quality controllers work with other production teams in an integrated way and take responsibility for managing quality issues in order to make sure that waste is minimized and quality maximized.




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